Your benefit

Helping others in need bring you more meaning in life.

We want to make you happy! Doing something to make a better world feels good. By doing good, you contribute to the development of Nepal’s poorest citizens. You can be sure that all the money you supply will be used for 100% to realize the targets you want to help us to achieve ! Knowing that you shared something such as time, or finance in order to help others in need can give you a sense of purpose in life and inner satisfaction.

Volunteering result in physical and social benefits

There is nothing in the world more valuable than your contribution to the poor people; it is most beautiful and most pleasing knowing that you have made a positive difference among those with so little, while further expanding your international experience is a chance of a life time.

By volunteering, you may feel an inner need to become more involved with the project by sharing your time and experience. You have the opportunity to build your social circles while reaping the physical and spiritual benefits from the skills you share to your cause.

Donations are tax deduction

Sapana School Foundation the Netherlands has an ANBI declaration = recognition from the national taxes office that we are an organization for foreign aid. When we are granted this recognition, we are not charged paying taxes. And all donations will be tax free. Moreover, all donations given for Sapana School are tax deductible  for the donators in the Netherlands.