Vocational Training Center

Vocational Training is also known as vocational education that provides an opportunity to develop the personal career. The vocational programs that include academic study as well as a variety of courses and work experiences designed to introduce students to trades ranging from construction, business and health services to art and design, agriculture and information technology.

The environment of Sapana Village is characterized by farmland and tourism industry. The area offers many possibilities. Many young people, especially from disadvantaged families, are unemployed and not prepared for skilled labour.  Some others are going to find work abroad : the United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, etc. This disrupts communities, and has a negative impact on women and families who remain behind.

Chitwan now offers great opportunities for skilled jobs. These last years, things have changed due to the booming tourism industry, the growing number of hotels and restaurants. But, the most of the benefit is not going to the local people. Much of the income from the tourism industry goes to owners in Kathmandu and abroad.

The vocational training will be for both girls and boys from 16 to 20 years old. The training is focused on the particular skills needed in Chitwan tourist area : building, constructing, maintenance, cook, waiter/waitress… The souvenir trade also offers opportunities to transform traditional skills into attractive products for tourists.

The Vocational Training Center also contributes to develop these skills by a two-years intensive training in small groups. At the end of the training, students are encouraged to continue to work together, so that the revenues don’t flow elsewhere but will be used for their own community development.