Sapana Village Social Impact

Sapana Village Social Impact (S.V.S.I.) is the umbrella organization for Sapana School Foundation, which aims to Develop the community, Respect the culture and Generate job opportunities through different projects. (

S.V.S.I. is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 active in the Chitwan area in Nepal. Its main target is the poverty alleviation of local people.

It consists of projects that operate independently, some with the intention to make profits. With those profits, we start new projects or pay the costs for people who cannot afford the costs by themselves.
Basically, the goal of all projects is to improve the living conditions of the people in the neighborhoods of Sapana Village in present, and globally in the days to come.

All projects of S.V.S.I. are built on four pillars : Mind-heart-hands, Independency, Interdependency and Self-esteem.

Through developing (or working with) heart, mind and hands and through striving for independency (being aware, getting help, trying yourself, knowing how to do, and in the future doing it by yourself) and being aware of your positions as a global citizen with all responsibilities for each other and the entire ecological system, you develop and maintain your self esteem.

S.V.S.I. is founded to form the legal base of the social projects of this non-profit-organization in Chitwan area. To establish their goals, S.V.S.I. co-operates with organizations inside and outside Nepal and looks for support of everyone interested. Sapana Village Social Impact takes care of financial and managerial matters of the different social projects around Sapana Village.

S.V.S.I. has five unpaid board members who manage the organization. Furthermore, each project has its own project-manager. The projects-leaders are responsible for the daily management of the projects.