School Board Members

The Sapana School Foundation has 5 unpaid board members from Chitwan, who manage and are responsible for the daily organization of the school.

Ram Kumar Bhattarai (President of school board)

Namaste ! I am Ram. I am involved here in Sapana school, as Dhurba Giri (founder of Sapana village) invited me to be in the school board and to help him for his dream to build a school for the community. Originally I was a son of farmer but later on I moved to Japan and struggled there for many years. Then I returned back to Nepal and started some business. Also I have some business works right now as well as I am involved in the social works too and it’s going on. I am happy for what I am doing now.

Krishna Dutta Paudel

Namaste ! I am Krishna. I am a board member of Sapana school. I am glad to be invited to be a part of the board to help Dhurba’s dream to build a school. I used to work for several community clubs and organizations as I had interest in that. I started my profession in education field and teaching for decades, now I am a Principal of government school in Sauraha. I am happy to help in the social works just like this school and so on.

Nareshwor Puri

Namaste ! I am Nareshwor. People also call me as Ramu. I am a local here and I used to work as a Police. But now I am a retired police. Now I am doing some agricultural things. As I had been invited to help Dhurba’s plan, it’s interesting for me to join the social works because I also had interest in these works.

Barsha Puri Giri

Namaste, I am Barsha Puri Giri. I am 24 years old. I got married with Dhruba Giri for 3 years. We have on child, she is almost 3 years old. I am very proud to be a part of Sapana School. I had a training of teacher’s motivation from 2 dutch ladies. I love to play and spend time with children very much. Sapana School is a dream school and it’s my dream too.

Beside my women’s design & skill project working for the handicraft and other art things, I am also involved in the social works and community projects. I joined the school board to help build a school in the community for the good education of poor children in the community. The priority is given to the local poor children who can’t afford the education. I am happy to be a part of the board.

Chhuna Regmi

Namaste ! I am Chhuna. I was born in a simple family. Now, I am involved in tourism business and also interested in social works, cooperatives in the community and other different social organizations and art things. So I am enjoying my works and am happy to be involved in the projects.