We want to support and educate children in their growth to social, creative, self conscious, independent and well developed personalities, who will make a positive and effective contribution to society in our region and our country. We want them to be persons who take responsibility for their own future, own people, fellow countrymen and global well being.

  • To provide for good education of standards of the 21st century for both the youngest children, starting a kindergarten (nursery and pré school), that will evolve in a complete primary school.
  • To provide adult education especially for illiterate women
  • To found a school fund to be able to support children of marginalized inhabitants of Chitwan by scholarships.

We want to provide opportunities for all parents and children, not looking at their financial affairs but looking at their attitude towards our conviction that everyone who really puts in the effort to develop him/herself will succeed to make a netter life for all. All teachers will support and council each pupil at his/her own level and guide him/her to want to enlarge his/her competences in a natural democratic manner.

Fundaments of our pedagogical vision

Jacques Delos wrote a report on education of the 21st century for UNESCO in 1996. In it, he discerns four pillars of education of this century :

  • learning to know : means to learn how you can acquire knowledge, to understand and use the process of learning in an effective way
  • learning to do : means to learn to translate knowledge into practice and practice into knowledge , to make or invent things
  • learning to be : means to learn who you are and to develop personal abilities, also to develop emotional and social skills to communicate effectively with one self and others and to co-operate
  • learning to live : means to learn to integrate all this knowledge to settle, to provide own livelihood, to live a healthy and satisfactory

We are all working together to develop the area, to save the original culture and to create a better way of living for the inhabitants. We hope most of the children stay in the community after schooling. To get or to create a job, to take over the work of their parents or to join them, to start their own shop or business or to create and develop something new.

Our philosophy

  • Each child is unique and learns in his/her own way, on his/her own pace and driven by his/her instrisic needs to grow.
  • Learning through experience.
  • Play is the highest form of research (Albert Einstein).
  • There are no faults, failures are challenges to learn.
  • Disturbing and uncontrolled behaviour has its roots in unfulfilled needs.
  • Children are always willing to answer open questions.
  • Emotions are natural. The art is to recognize and regulate them assisting emotions support and well-being. Disturbing emotions undermine our hearth, learning abilities and concentration.
  • Overwhelmed by an emotion ? Take three deep breathes before you react.
  • Our tools for a child centered approach are friendliness, compassion and empathy.
  • The purpose of feedback is to help children to do better. Children like to know how to improve and they deserve to know it.
  • Feedback reaches its goal best when it is shared in a valuefree way : objective feedback of what you see and hear… without any interpretation.
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