Our Dream

Dhurba’s Dream visualized by Marjan Dorenbosch in 2005.

Dhurba Giri, chairman of Sapana Village Social Impact, is the great promoter of this project.

He was born on 1979 as a son of a farmer family in Sauraha, Nepal. Although the poor circumstances, he early got inspired by the encouraging words of his father. From the beginning, he not only wanted to be independent, but also serve and develop his community.

Dropping out of school in his early childhood, he started working as a waiter in KC’s restaurant at the age of 13. But one day, he met Judit Hümmels in Sauraha, who believed in his abilities and his dream. Judit collected money in the Netherlands, so Dhurba could start to run his own hotel business at the age of 19, with the ambition to help the local people of his region.

Despite not having a good academic education his small hotel became a huge success. After three years of renting he hotel, it became clear that the location would not offer the right opportunities for further development.

The Hümmels familly started a foundation in the Netherlands (Stichting Do-It), and with the help of the Dutch Government, Stichting, FEMI and many others, Dhurba could buy a  piece of land in 2004 and started the construction of Sapana Village Lodge. Today, the lodge has 30 rooms but also, a restaurant, a chain-free eleplhant park, etc. All the employees come from Chitwan and the area.

Throughout his ventures, Dhurba always driven by his sheer will and determination. He has desires, and in order to realize them, he grabbed every opportunity to learn and grow personally, what nowadays makes him a well integrated and respected member of the local society with healthy connections to the local officials.

Dhurba shared his dream of helping the community and to fund a school for the defavorized children to his friends and partners and they helped him though the creation of Sapana School Foundation.

Now, his dream became true : the building of the school started in 2013, partially with profits of Sapana Village Lodge, donations of Elsa Geilman (thanks to a donation for the buying of the school ground in 2010 via FEMI, Netherlands), donations of Return to Sender, a loan of the Dutch development work organization FEMI, Joke Zwaan’s fundings activitis of Benefit Concert for this project (money was doubled by the town of Aalsmeer in the Netherlands), funds raised through the Sapana School Shop of the NGO Stichting Sapana School (NL) in 2012.