You can help in different manners to help us to bring a high quality education to disadvantaged children of Chitwan area. 

  • Make a donation: your donation will empower the Sapana School project in improving the education and the sanitary conditions of children to be able to get a quality education. Sapana School Foundation the Netherlands is applying for an ANBI declaration = recognition from the nationals taxes office that we are an organization for foreign aid. When we are granted this recognition we are not charged paying taxes. And all donations will be tax free. And also all donations given for Sapana School are tax deductable for the donators in the Netherlands
  • Sponsor a child: you can donate for our Educational Fund for scholarship to help children of marginalized inhabitants of the area who want to enter in Sapana School. In that manner, you can help up to reach our goal to offer education to the poorest people of the area who cannot afford the cost themselves.
  • Improving the school buildings: You can help the project to grow by improving school infrastructure and resources available to students: Classrooms, Staff room, Kitchen, Library…
  • Educational material and supplies: to get good information on the themes, and to develop the skill of looking things up in different media (e.g. books, magazines, computers/DVD’s and internet), we need a library and computers. 

Become a volunteer 

Giving the gift of your time and your skills by volunteering to serve those who have less than you is an excellent way to give back to the global community.

We can invite volunteers with special knowledge for the running themes. Every volunteer must make a start working in the period before, so he or she has a working experience to get used to the school, the area and the country, and the children and the staff get acquainted with them.

More importantly, it helps to make a difference in the lives of those who can benefit most from your wealth of experience, sharing your time and expertise.

Please, send us an email ( with your resume and some words to know more about you.

We are especially looking for :
– English teachers
– An interior designer / Architect
– Textil designer
– Builder