Adult education

To develop the area and preserve the original culture for creating a better way of life for the inhabitants, we also have to pay attention to the adults. A lot of people can’t read or write, because they didn’t have the chance to go to school or they just attended school for a couple of years.

We want to start a second-chance-educational program with basic subjects like reading and writing Nepalese and English and business calculation. Most women don’t have paid jobs, because they never had the chance to learn a proper skill to find a job. We want to start a program to help women to learn skills they like, so they can find a job or start their own small business, to support themselves.

Most women who want to start to learn and get a job have small children and are tied to their home. So, for realizing this program, we also have to create a day-nursery for their babies and infants until they are 4 years of age. 

The 2nd purpose of the education-centre for adults is to give information in different ways: lectures, seminars, short courses, expositions and public or closed discussions/debates.

Important subjects are:
– Health care, baby care, family planning, balanced diet and family economics
– Waste and recycling, ecology, earth care, farming and gardening
– Economics in general, problem solving in the community and co-operation.

The centre can be uses also as a small health centre, just an office for a health worker, a place where MCC can check the children and where organizations like traveling dentists and other medical specialists / helpers find a place to help people.

And last but not least the centre gives the community the opportunity to come together for music, dances, celebrations, theatre and festivals. The education-centre for adults needs a large open room for public lectures and events, discussions and community meetings. 

Content of second chance education or adult education:
– Education for youngsters and for parents and tradesman in the area
– As a spin off from the primary education lectures on:

  • matters of health
  • matters of hygiene
  • matters on housekeeping
  • matters on farming
  • matters on economics

Courses in:
– Reading and writing Nepalese and English
– Ciphering and calculation