Application for admission will be accepted till the end of May.

Parents can ask for the application form directly at the school. They have to fill the form and bring it back to school, with the birth certificate of the child. 

How does a child enter the school?

Main issues of importance to give a child a place in the school are:
– the motivation of child and parent
– the judgment of the school-scout for motivation of the future pupil and its parents
– the number of pupils for the group, maximum 20 pupils.

Formal admission will be completed after the passing interview of the parents and the child with the school manager.

The Manager of the school reserves the right to refuse admission to any pupil without furnishing any reasons.

Application forms are available on our website too.

Nepali form

Uniforms will be provided by the school.

Every student should wear a clean uniform, which will be as follow :

The school uniform consists light red/yellow or orange half shirt with school crest, skirt, white socks, black shoes.